Apps for Android

PigExpert App

Current release

Version 2.2.0

Previous releases
Beta test version

Version 2.4.9 (2020.0915)

Vanch Apps

Barcode scanner wedge

V 3.0.0, VH-71T with UHF scanner (android 7.0)

Barcode scanner wedge

V 2.0.0, VH-71T with UHF scanner (android 5.1)

TeamViewer Apps

Teamviewer QuickSupport
Teamviewer Addon

General Android

Teamviewer Addon


Other Apps

Scanners wedge

Version 1.0 (2021.0323), devices with barcode and/or LF scanner

Datalogic wedge

Version 2.1

Antenna App

Version 1.2